Football clubs are more than just businesses; they are cultural institutions.

RESPONSIBALL supports the progress of social responsibility at football clubs.

RESPONSIBALL provides a platform for a community of practitioners within the football sector to act in unison; thus promoting and maintaining high standards of meaningful social responsibility.

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RESPONSIBALL has two main goals at the heart of its mission:

  • To showcase good practice in governance, community development and environmental stewardship; and
  • To support a community of practitioners who want to connect with others, share good practices, compare and progress.

RESPONSIBALL supports a community of people who want to connect with others that share similar passions, interests and jobs - all of whom understand, or want to learn more, about the how football clubs can work in harmony with their communities and the environment. Click on Community to find out more.

RESPONSIBALL is built to house a community that can exchange knowledge and insights. Alongside the Community function, it holds a Good Practice database that allows members to easily upload and share good practices that may be useful or interesting for others.

RESPONSIBALL incorporates many search fields on the Good Practice database so that members can compare club practices with others' on a similar level (Division, Revenue, Country, and so on) and progress along their own path. Linked to this, we also share an annual RESPONSIBALL Ranking, whereby we use our own published indicators to determine the social responsibility of the football clubs in the top divisions of a number of European countries.

RESPONSIBALL places considerable importance on the partnerships it has with supporting organisations. Members of the platform benefit in many ways from these partnerships, not least from being able to search for good practices endorsed by an organisation with expertise in a specific aspect of social responsibility in football.

RESPONSIBALL has a signed a partnership MoU with the following organisations. Click on each of their logos to find out more about them.

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