RESPONSIBALL strives to connect a community of football practitioners with each other and with the various groups that are involved with football clubs.

Open Source
A large part of RESPONSIBALL is completely open to all members and relies on them to generate content. Among many other things you'll be able to check the latest News, discover Good Practices, and discuss related themes on our various social media channels, via the Discussion Forum.

RESPONSIBALL promotes the showcasing of brilliant club work and caters for a diverse crowd with wide-ranging experiences and opinions. There are two types of membership.

Match-day Membership
Match-day members can include fans, players, journalists, sponsors, local authorities, and many others concerned with the special role that football clubs play in society. These members want to understand the key issues, share good practice and progress together.

Training Ground Membership
The 'Training Ground' section is designed to host practitioners. We've created this closed section to allow those working in registered football clubs, leagues or governing bodies to connect with one another on a personal level, with an absolute focus on the progression of social responsibility at football clubs.