Women in Football: Stadium staff told to act on sexist abuse (bbc.co.uk)Stewards and safety officers are being briefed on how to spot - and tackle - sexist abuse in football stadiums.

Women in Football, which represents more than 1,200 women, has contacted all 92 Premier and Football League clubs about the issue.

Footage obtained by the BBC shows Chelsea's female medic Dr Eva Carneiro and assistant referee Helen Byrne suffering taunts at games.

Minister for Sport Helen Grant said sexism "should not be tolerated".

The Football Association has called for fans to report sexist abuse.

A WIF spokesperson added: "This is the first time that clubs have specifically been asked to focus on the issue of sexist abuse."

WIF's letter to clubs explains what should be considered sexist chanting and tells them that any incidents should be dealt with as "they would do with racism".

It asks clubs to brief stewards on how they "would be expected to respond to any such incidents".

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